Guitar Stories

Thank you for visiting my site, I created it to show people my work. I don’t know if anyone really cares but if you are reading this, and you do care, thank you.

I was born here but I was raised in South America, I moved back to the states when I got out of high school. I have always love guitars and played in a lot of bands. In 2012 I wanted to learn more about guitars, so I enrolled in the Guitar Craft program at MI (Musicians Institute) in Hollywood,CA. Graduated the same year and I got a job at Fender in Corona. I worked in final assembly where I was building the American made line of guitars and basses. After a year I left Fender to work as a QC Tech at ESP Guitars in North Hollywood. A year later I got promoted to the Warranty Department, Bbut eventually I would make my way into Repairs. Left ESP in March of this year to pursue my dream of having my own guitar shop. You are witnessing the first step towards that.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this, I’ll see u soon 🤘

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