Hi guys! My name is Hector Villalobos, I graduated from that Guitar Craft program at Musicians Institute. Two weeks before I graduated I started working at ESP Guitars, but I would only stay there for a month because Fender called and wanted to hire me. I worked in Final Assembly at Fender for a year. That was a cool job, not as glamorous as you may think because it was more of a factory job, but awesome nonetheless. After that I decided to go back to ESP Guitars, i was lucky that they were still looking for people and I got my old job back. I would work as a QC Technitian for about a year, then I would work in Warranty and later on in Repairs. I liked Repairs more than any of the other ones, because i was fixing guitars and basses. My job was to replace pickups, rewire pots, level frets, replace bridges, nuts, tuning keys, necks, fix dents on finishes, etc.

Well, that’s some of my background and experience in the field, a lot more to come in my blog, thank you for visiting and Rock On! 🤘🏼